Fluide Glacial

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Fluide Glacial
Categories Comics magazine
Frequency Monthly
Founder Marcel Gotlib, Alexis and Jacques Diament (fr)
Year founded 1 April 1975
Company Groupe Flammarion
Country France
Language French
Website www.fluideglacial.com
ISSN 0339-7580

Fluide Glacial is a monthly Franco-Belgian comics magazine and a publishing house founded on 1 April 1975 by Marcel Gotlib, Alexis and Jacques Diament (fr). It is currently the last remaining monthly adult comics magazine in France,[1][2] with an editorial line based on humour.

Since its foundation, it has featured the work of French and international authors and graphic artists such as Christian Binet (fr), Jacques Lob, Luc Nisset, Édika, Claire Bretécher, Jean Solé (fr), François Boucq, Moebius, Jean-Claude Mézières, Loup, Daniel Goossens, Stéphane Charbonnier,[3] Tignous[4] and André Franquin. Nowadays it also features the work of a new generation of authors and comics artists such as Riad Sattouf, Arthur De Pins (fr), Julien/CDM (fr), Guillaume Bouzard (fr), Mo/CDM (fr) and Romain Dutreix.

It is owned by Groupe Flammarion and Yan Lindingre (fr) has been the magazine's editor in chief since 2012.


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