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Flumotion Services
Industry Streaming Media
Founded 2006
Founder Pascal Pegaz-Paquet, Julien Moutte, Thomas Vander Stichele, Jean-Noel Saunier
Headquarters Barcelona, Spain
Key people
Thomas Vander Stichele
Products Streaming Platform, WebTV, Streaming Software
Services Streaming
Parent Fluendo Group
Website www.flumotion.com/en/ (www.flumotion.net)

Flumotion Services, S.A. is a Spanish company based in Barcelona, which has developed a multiformat streaming media platform to publish audio and video content via the internet. It belongs to the Fluendo multimedia services group, involved in the creation of the GStreamer multimedia framework.

Flumotion Streaming Platform[edit]

The Flumotion Streaming Platform is a CDN that supports leading formats like Windows Media, MP3 or Flash, as well as the open standard Ogg Vorbis / Ogg Theora. Therefore, it can reach nearly 100% of the internet users regardless of the operating system (such as Windows, Mac OS X or Linux) they use.

Free software[edit]

Flumotion Streaming Server
Developer(s) Flumotion Services, S.A
Stable release 0.10.1 / July 6, 2012; 3 years ago (2012-07-06)
Operating system Linux
Type Streaming media server
License GNU General Public License
Website www.flumotion.net

The streaming platform is based on the multimedia framework GStreamer, written in the C programming language. Flumotion also provides a basic package of its Streaming Server under the GPL. The Advanced Streaming Server must be purchased. Flumotion treats free formats such as Ogg and WebM as first class components and to stream in flash with free software, one must install flumotion-ugly.


Among the customers of the company are RTVA and RTVE.

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