Fluorescent multilayer card

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Fluorescent multilayer card
Media type Memory card
Capacity Variable
Developed by Constellation 3D
Usage 3D optical data storage
Extended from Fluorescent Multilayer Disc
Extended to Digital Multilayer Disk

The Fluorescent Multilayer Card (FMC) is a hypothetical memory card technology that applies the same 3D optical data storage mechanism as the Fluorescent Multilayer Disc. The concept was developed by Constellation 3D.

An FMC has a square, transparent window with multiple layers beneath it. Each layer is made of a different fluorescent material that emits light; each layer emits light of a different color (wavelength). An FMC reader could distinguish one layer from another by the wavelength, and therefore read from them without the problems that limit the number of layers in a DVD.

Constellation 3D estimated that a card with a data area of 25 millimetres (0.98 in) could hold 10 gigabytes of data.