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A fluoroelastomer is a fluorocarbon-based synthetic rubber. Fluroelastomers generally have wide chemical resistance.


Several compositions of fluoroelastomers exist including FKM (by ASTM D1418 standard, equivalent to FPM by ISO/DIN 1629 standard); perfluoro-elastomers (FFKM); and tetrafluoro ethylene/propylene rubbers (FEPM).


The performance of fluoroelastomers in aggressive chemicals depends on the nature of the base polymer and the compounding ingredients used for moulding the final products (e.g. O-rings, shaft seals). This performance can vary significantly when end-users purchase polymer containing rubber goods from different sources. Fluoroelastomers are generally compatible with hydrocarbons, but incompatible with ketones such as acetone and organic acids such as acetic acid.