Flute Quartet No. 1 (Mozart)

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The Flute Quartet No. 1 in D major, K. 285, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for flute, violin, viola, and basso the first of three quartets for the amateur Ferdinand De Jean, was probably written between 1777 and 1778.[1]

It is in three movements :

  1. Allegro (D major, sonata form, common time)
  2. Adagio (B minor, ternary form, 3/4)
  3. Rondeau: [Allegro] (D major, sonata rondo form, 2/4)

Ludwig van Beethoven borrowed from the first movement for his Duo for clarinet and bassoon of 1792.[2]

The "distinguished Adagio in B minor, [is] a romantic troubadour song which, in the brevity of its thirty-five bars, hints at the future slow movement of the A major piano concerto (K.488)."[3]

There are a number of different editions. The edition of G. Schirmer was edited by Louis Moyse, while that for International music was edited by Jean-Pierre Rampal. The piece has also been arranged for flute and guitar.



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