Flute Sonata (Prokofiev)

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The Flute Sonata in D, Op. 94, was completed in the summer of 1943 by Sergei Prokofiev. At that same time, Prokofiev was working on music for "Ivan the terrible". The flute sonata in D was first performed in Moscow, Russia on December 7, 1943 by Nicolai Kharkovsky (flute) and Sviatoslav Richter (piano). It was later transcribed for violin in 1944, by the composer with the help of violinist David Oistrakh, as Op. 94a. The violin version was first performed by David Oistrakh (violin) and Lev Oborin, Piano, on June 17, 1944.


There are four movements:

  1. Moderato
  2. Scherzo: Presto
  3. Andante
  4. Allegro con brio



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Recorded performances

Doriot Anthony Dwyer, Flute, Jesus Maria Sanroma, Piano on Boston Records B-208