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Birth nameDaniel Heinzer, Marco Guardia

Flutlicht is the artist name of Swiss trance music producers Daniel Heinzer (also known as DJ Natron) and Marco Guardia (also known as Reverb). The two are most famous for their song Icarus, which came out on Drizzly Records in 2001. It was signed to over 150 compilations (over 3 million CDs) throughout the world. Their remixes were very sought after before Marco decided to quit producing trance in 2003. Mixes were produced for The Thrillseekers, Cosmic Gate, Talla 2XLC, and G&M Project, to name a few. Their style is a kind of harder trance.

Artist Background[edit]

Flutlicht are two young producers from Winterthur, Switzerland: Daniel Heinzer and Marco Guardia. Daniel being Flutlicht's public face whilst Marco the technical mastermind behind their productions.

Daniel started deejaying about ten years ago at little events or in tiny Swiss clubs and ever since his passion for electronic music has grown stronger every day. His style of performing high quality trance and groovy techno has earned him a good reputation and as a result he has been booked for events such as Futurescope, Nautilus, Energy or Nature One in Germany. Daniel toured the UK, the Netherlands, Scotland and Australia.

Flutlicht started with the single "Icarus", Drizzly Records 2001, licensed for more than 150 compilations worldwide. It was followed by "The Fall" in 2003.

Daniel was a frequent guest at radio shows in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Israel, the US and Spain. His set at the Ministry of Sound at Rotation in London is well known. Ever since the success with "Icarus", Flutlicht remixes are very much sought after. Acts such as Cosmic Gate, Talla 2XLC, the Thrillseekers or S.H.O.K.K. have gained a great deal from the filigree studiowork of Flutlicht.

Marco Guardia and Daniel Heinzer are no longer part of Flutlicht after quitting the project in 2003.


  • Flutlicht – "The Fall", 2002
  • Flutlicht – "Icarus", 2001
  • Flutlicht – "Ahmea", 2000
  • Flutlicht – "Mutterkorn", 2000
  • Flutlicht – "Das Siegel", 1999


  • DuMonde – "God Music" (Flutlicht Remix), 2003
  • DJ Tatana – "Moments" (Flutlicht Remix), 2003
  • G&M Project – "Control Of Your Mind", 2003
  • Dream – "Get Over" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Ian Van Dahl – "Will I?" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Cosmic Gate – "Raging" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • The Freak – "The Melody, The Sound" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • The Thrillseekers – "Dreaming Of You" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Green Court Feat. Lina Rafn – "Silent Heart" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Talla 2XLC – "Can You Feel The Silence" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • The Mystery – "Devotion" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Marc Dawn – "Expander" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • Sumatra – "Reincarnation" (Flutlicht Remix), 2002
  • S.H.O.K.K. – "Isn't It All A Little Strange" (Flutlicht Remix), 2001
  • Alex Bartlett – "Amnesia" (Flutlicht vs. S.H.O.K.K. Remix), 2001
  • DJ Air – "Alone With Me" (Flutlicht Remix), 2001
  • Native – "Feel The Drums" (Flutlicht Remix), 2001
  • Tony Walker – "Fields Of Joy" (Flutlicht Remix), 2000

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