Flux (magazine)

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Flux Magazine
Editor Jeff Kitts
Categories Gaming, Music magazine
Frequency Bi-monthly
Publisher Dennis Page
Year founded 1994
Final issue 1995
Company Harris Publications
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English
ISSN 1074-5602

Flux was a short-lived magazine in the mid-1990s which focused on music (mostly hard rock and hip-hop), comic books and video games.

History and profile[edit]

The magazine was bi-monthly and lasted for seven issues. The headquarters was in New York City and the publisher was Harris Publications.[1] It was presented as an edgier alternative to magazines such as EGM and GamePro. Notable recurring departments included "Don't Ever Do This," which offered explicit instructions for pranks and antisocial behavior, and "Babewatch," which was merely photos of attractive females from TV shows, movies, and comic books.

Amongst its editors was Dan Amrich, who would go on to write for GamePro for several years under the moniker of Dan Elektro. Comics reviews were written by Christopher Golden, who would later write comics himself, as well as horror and fantasy novels. The magazine folded in 1995.[1]


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