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Illegal dumping at Scales Road, London, England
Illegal dumping in a residential subdivision, north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Illegal dumping,[1][2] also called fly dumping or fly tipping,[3] refers to dumping waste illegally instead of using an authorised method such as relying on kerbside collection or using an authorised rubbish dump. It is the illegal deposit of any waste onto land; waste dumped or tipped on a site with no licence to accept waste.[4][5]


Illegal dumping is typically distinguished from littering by the type and amount of material, and/or the manner in which it is discarded.[examples needed]

The term fly tipping is derived from the verb tip, meaning "to throw out of a vehicle" and on the fly, meaning "on the wing" – to throw away carelessly or casually.[6]

United Kingdom[edit]

Taxes on landfill in the UK led to illegal waste dumping, fly-tipping. Materials fly-tipping can range from green waste to domestic items, to abandoned cars and construction waste, much of which may be hazardous or toxic.

As the cost of disposing of household rubbish and waste increases so does the amount of individuals and businesses that fly-tip, the UK government has made it easier for members of the public to report fly-tipping.[7] The fine or punishment is normally defined by the local council that operates in the local area in which the rubbish was dumped.

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