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A fly is any species of insect of the order Diptera; to fly is a verb referring to flight, the process of flying.

Fly may also refer to:






  • Fly! a flight simulator program for personal computers
  • Frank Fly, a video game boss from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System EarthBound
  • Fly (pentop computer), a type of computer built into a pen


  • Fly (Archie Comics), an Archie Comics character who first appeared in 1959
  • Fly (Impact Comics), a character from a DC Comics imprint loosely based on the Archie Comics character
  • Human Fly (comics), a Marvel Comics character, the first of whom (Richard Deacon) was also known as The Fly

Film, television, radio, and theater[edit]

  • The Fly (1958 film), a horror film directed by Kurt Neumann
  • The Fly (1986 film), a remake of the previous film directed by David Cronenberg
  • To Fly!, a 1976 documentary, and the first film ever shot in the IMAX format
  • Fly FM, a private radio station in Malaysia
  • FLY FM 89,7, a radio station based in Greece
  • Fly TV, a former digital television channel from ABC Television, Australia
  • WFLY (FLY 92), a radio station in Albany, New York
  • "Fly" (Breaking Bad), a season three episode of Breaking Bad
  • Fly (play), a 2009 play about the Tuskegee Airmen
  • Sirius XM Fly, a Sirius/XM radio station




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