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Scorpion is a platform/shoot 'em up video game developed and published by Digital Magic Software for the Amiga, Atari ST and MS-DOS in 1989.[1] The game was also re-released as Fly Fighter, with another title screen and another order of levels.


The player fights hordes of enemies while traversing five side-scrolling levels, such as a harbour, jungle and ice land,[2] each of which is guarded by a powerful boss.[3] The player character attacks enemies by firing energy bolts from their fingers.[4]


The protagonist Scorpion is ostensibly fighting to rescue the kidnapped Princess of Scorpia. In a surprise ending, Scorpion kills the evil princess, revealing herself to be her good sister and now-sole heir to the throne.[5]


The game received the ratings of 93% in Amiga Computing, 69% in Computer and Video Games, 62% in The Games Machine, 60% in CU Amiga, and 47% in The One. According to Amiga Computing, "Everything about Scorpion screams quality and style, except for the box illustration which is a little iffy. The game is a zany Gryzor cum Green Beret hybrid with deliriously large, fast characters and plenty of bit noises."[6] Computer and Video Games called it "a competently executed game, let down by some easily corrected errors, and suffer[ing] from not enough outside criticism before release."[7]


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