Fly Linhas Aéreas

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Fly Linhas Aéreas
Fly Linhas Aéreas (logo).jpg
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 1995
Commenced operations 1995
Ceased operations 2003
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fly Linhas Aéreas was a Brazilian airline, which operated between 1995 and 2003.


A Fly Linhas Aéreas Boeing 727-200 at Recife in 1998

The airline began operations on August 25, 1995, with a Boeing 727-200 as a charter carrier linking Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo to holiday destinations in the northeast of Brazil. Originally it was a direct competitor of Air Vias, another Brazilian airline dedicated to charter flights. Eventually Fly became a carrier with both charter and scheduled low-cost operations.[1]

Though successful in its first years, it suffered a hard economic blow during the 1999 currency exchange devaluation crisis, and a great decrease in traffic, following a world trend, in the second semester of 2001. Those difficulties led to increasing administrative difficulties. The final blow came with increasing competition with Gol Airlines which led to the ceasing of operations in 2003.[2]



FLY Fleet
Aircraft Total Years of operation Notes
Boeing 727-200 4 1995–2003

Airline Affinity Program[edit]

Fly did not have an airline affinity program.


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