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This article is about the Finnish airline. For the former Swedish regional airline, see Nordic Regional.
Nordic Regional Airlines Oy
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded 2011 (as Flybe Nordic)
Hubs Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
Frequent-flyer program Finnair Plus
Fleet size 26
Destinations 35
Parent company Finnair Oyj
Headquarters Vantaa, Finland

Nordic Regional Airlines Oy, also known as Norra, and previously known as Flybe Nordic,[1] is a Finnish airline owned by Finnair. The airline began operations on 20 October 2011 as a joint venture between Flybe and Finnair, following their acquisition of Finncomm Airlines. Flybe sold its 60% to Finnair as a temporary solution at a price of one euro (€1) in March 2015. Ownership negotiations with StaffPoint and G.W. Sohlberg are still under way. The airline has operated under Finnair's flight code since 1 May 2015.


ATR-72-500 in old livery at Joensuu Airport.

The creation of the airline was announced on 1 July 2011, when Flybe and Finnair revealed plans to jointly purchase Finnish Commuter Airlines (FCA) and rebrand the airline Flybe Nordic, with Flybe and Finnair each holding a stake in the new entity.[2] Under the terms of the agreement, contingent on approval by regulatory authorities, the purchase price of FCA was 25 million, of which Flybe would pay €12 million and Finnair €13 million.[3] Flybe has a majority stake in Flybe Nordic, holding a 60% stake in the airline, with Finnair holding the remaining 40%; Flybe has three seats on the airline's board of directors with Finnair having the other two.[3] Flybe planned to invest a total of €23.6 million into the new airline, including expenses such as loan repayments in addition to the purchase price of FCA.[4]

At the time of the announcement of Flybe Nordic's creation, Flybe planned to begin operating the new airline on 1 August 2011, with the FCA name being phased out,[2] though the start date was later pushed back to 30 October.[5] A new route network was also planned to be announced in mid-August.[3]

Flybe announced in November 2014 that it would sell its 60% stake in the airline for €1, in an attempt to reduce group costs.[6] In February 2015 the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority approved the sale of its stake (60%) to StaffPoint Holding and G.W. Sohlberg.[7] Flybe sold its 60% to Finnair as a temporary solution at a price of one euro (€1) in March 2015. Ownership negotiations with StaffPoint and G.W. Sohlberg are still under way. The airline has operated under Finnair's flight code since 1 May 2015.[8]

In May 2015 Flybe Nordic was rebranded as Nordic Regional Airlines, Norra.[9]


Codeshare agreements[edit]

Embraer 190 in Finnair livery operated by Nordic Regional Airlines in 2016.

As of November 2014, Flybe Nordic has codeshare agreements with the following airlines:


Current fleet[edit]

Nordic Regional Airlines's fleet includes the following aircraft (as of June 2014):[11][12]

Nordic Regional Airlines Fleet
Aircraft Total Passengers Notes
ATR 72-500 12 72 Leased from Finnair[13]
All aircraft will receive a new livery[14]
Embraer E-190 12 100 Operated for Finnair, in Finnair livery
Total 24

The ATR 72 are owned by Finnair, which bought them from FCA at a cost of €104 million, and leased to Nordic Regional Airlines (Flybe at the time), as the Embraer 170s, previously owned by Finnair.[2]

Historic fleet[edit]

A former Nordic Regional Airlines ATR-42-500 at Tallinn Airport.
A former Nordic Regional Airlines Embraer 170 in Finnair livery in 2013.
Nordic Regional Airlines Historic Fleet
Aircraft Introduced Retired
ATR 42-500 2011 2014
Embraer 170 2005 2016


Flybe Finland Ground[edit]

In April 2013 it was announced that Flybe Finland Ground will be established to provide ground services to Flybe operations in Finland. This business will initially focus on the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport where it will develop services to support Flybe’s own operations. In the future Flybe Finland Ground will also offer ground services to other airlines in Finland and overseas.[15]

Flybe Finland Maintenance[edit]

Formerly Finnish Aircraft Maintenance operates as Flybe Finland Maintenance since April 2013. It provides maintenance services for regional aircraft, in particular ATR (aircraft manufacturer) at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.


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