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Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola.
The partially restored Caproni Ca.310 bomber displayed at the museum.

Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola (Sola Aviation Museum) is an aviation museum located in Stavanger Airport, Sola, near Stavanger, Norway. The museum was founded in 1984, and is run by local volunteers. Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola went into cooperation with Jærmuseet in January 2012.


The museum is housed in an old aircraft hangar at the former seaplane base at Stavanger Airport, built by German labour during World War II.

In the hangar, the museum houses the display, as well as a small café (with interior from a former bar for one of the fighter squadrons stationed at the airport), in addition to a workshop, where currently[when?] a Messerschmitt Bf 109, an Arado Ar 96, a Caproni Ca.310 bomber, a Heinkel He 115 armed seaplane and parts of a PBY Catalina are under restoration.

Flyhistorisk Museum, Sola is open between 12 - 16 every Sunday from May through November, and daily in the school summer holiday.


The collection of the museum is mainly centred on local history, with remains from several aircraft being on display, as well as smaller displays featuring various Norwegian airlines, such as the now defunct Fjellfly and Braathens S.A.F.E (now merged into SAS).

The primary focus of the museum is the military history of the Royal Norwegian Air Force (RNoAF) and the German Luftwaffe of World War II. The museum currently[when?] houses one jet fighter of every type used by the RNoAF, and a number of trainers, in addition to what is probably the only remaining, or at least most complete Arado Ar 96, and the airframe of an Arado Ar 196 which was stationed on the German cruiser Blücher when she was sunk in the Oslofjord in April 1940.

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