Flying Daggers

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Flying Daggers
Flying Daggers (TV Series) DVD boxart.jpg
DVD release cover
Genre Wuxia, romance
Written by Gu Long (original story)
Chen Lihua
Guan Zhanbo
Directed by Shen Xuebing
Gao Hong
Starring Julian Cheung
Ruby Lin
Dong Jie
Opening theme Zhidao Yongyuan (直到永遠) performed by Wang Feng
Ending theme Beishang De Qiuqian (悲傷的秋千) performed by Hannah Kim
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 43
Producer(s) Young Pei-pei
Wang Pengju
Location(s) China
Cinematography Bo Xiangyi
Running time 49 minutes per episode
Original network CTV
Original release 18 September 2003
Flying Daggers
Traditional Chinese 飛刀又見飛刀
Simplified Chinese 飞刀又见飞刀
Literal meaning Flying Dagger, Flying Dagger Appears Again

Flying Daggers is a 2003 Taiwanese-Chinese television series adapted from Gu Long's novel Feidao Youjian Feidao of the Xiaoli Feidao Series. The series is produced by Young Pei-pei and starred Julian Cheung, Ruby Lin and Dong Jie.


Li Huai is the illegitimate son of Li Manqing, an influential government official who is also well versed in martial arts. His grandfather, Li Xunhuan, was a highly revered martial artist who rose to fame for his signature dagger-throwing technique, the "Little Li Flying Dagger". Li Huai has never met his father before because he was raised far away from home by his mother, who died when he was still a child. He leads the life of a roaming street urchin with his two best friends, Zhao Chuan and Zhang Zhen.

Li Huai eventually meets his father and his family in town, but their reunion is an unhappy one. Li has never been properly educated since he was a child so he behaves in a rough and uncouth manner. His stepbrother and stepmother, who already despise him for his background, find his behaviour disgraceful to their family. Faced with constant prejudice and bullying from his stepbrother and stepmother, Li has no choice but to flee from home. Before he leaves, his father passes him the manual of the "Little Li Flying Dagger" and tells him to practise the skill on his own. His mother left him with an embroidered purse containing a treasure map before she died. Li finds the treasure and roams the jianghu to help the poor with his wealth and use his newly mastered martial arts to uphold justice.

Throughout his adventures, Li gets entangled in romantic relationships with two maidens. The first, Xue Caiyue, is an enemy of his family because his father killed her father, Xue Qingbi, in a duel several years ago. The second, Fang Keke, is indebted to him and has a crush on him because he changed her life from that of a beggar to a rich girl. At the same time, Li's two childhood friends also play significant roles in shaping his path: Zhao Chuan is kind and compassionate towards him, but he is secretly in love with Fang Keke; Zhang Zhen is scheming and ungrateful, and he exploits Li to achieve his goal of becoming the richest man in town.


  • Julian Cheung as Li Huai
  • Ruby Lin as Xue Caiyue
  • Dong Jie as Fang Keke
  • Sun Xing as Xue Qingbi
  • Gao Hongxian as Zhao Chuan
  • Zheng Guolin as Zhang Zhen
  • Kou Zhenhai as Li Manqing
  • Cecilia Han as Leng Xiaoxing
  • Yue Yueli as Fang Tianhao
  • Liu Weihua as Han Jun
  • Li Xueqing as Emperor

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