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The Flying Gang were an 18th-century group of pirates who established themselves in Nassau, New Providence in The Bahamas after the destruction of Port Royal in Jamaica. They achieved great fame and wealth by raiding salvagers attempting to recover gold from the sunken Spanish treasure fleet. They established their own codes and governed themselves independent from any of the colonial powers of the time. Nassau was deemed the Republic of Pirates as it attracted many former Privateers looking for work to its shores. The Governor of Bermuda stated that there were over 1000 pirates in Nassau at that time and that they outnumbered the mere hundred of inhabitants in the town.[1]

Benjamin Hornigold[edit]

Benjamin Hornigold was one of The Flying Gangs founders and served as a mentor to other members, like the infamous Edward Teach. With his ship Ranger, that was armed with 30 cannons, he attacked merchants but always avoided british flag. But to ignore some ships was sometimes not popular with the crew who led a mutiny and overthrew Hornigold as Captain. After being pardoned in 1718 he became a pirate hunter and spent the rest of his life seekig up old allies.