Flying Regiment 1, Finnish Air Force

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Flying Regiment 1, Finnish Air Force
Active 1 January 1938 - June 1941
3 May 1942 - 1 December 1952
Country Finland
Branch Finnish Air Force
Role reconnaissance and ground attack
Engagements Winter War, Continuation War

Flying Regiment 1 (Finnish: Lentorykmentti 1 or LeR 1) was a mixed regiment, incorporating both fighter, reconnaissance and communication squadrons, of the Finnish Air Force during World War II. The unit was disbanded in June 1941, but reformed from the Supplement Flying Regiment on May 3, 1942.

After its deactivation it was formed int No. 2 Wing (Finnish: 2. Lennosto).


Winter War[edit]

Continuation War[edit]

Maintenance companies[edit]

  • 1st Airfield Company (1. Lentokenttäkomppania or 1.Le.KenttäK)
  • 2nd Airfield Company (2. Lentokenttäkomppania or 2.Le.KenttäK)

The equipment consisted of some 200-240 aircraft, including Curtiss Hawk 75As, Fokker D.XXIs, Morane-Saulnier MS.406s, Gloster Gladiator IIs, Curtiss P-40M, LaGG-3, Fokker C.Xs, Westland Lysanders, VL Viima IIs, VL Myrsky IIs, Blackburn Ripon IIFs, and Bristol Blenheim Mk.Is.

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