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Flying Saucer (library)

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Flying Saucer
Stable release
9.8.0[1] / 26 May 2024; 47 days ago (26 May 2024)
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeXHTML / CSS renderer library

Flying Saucer (also called XHTML renderer) is a pure Java library for rendering XML, XHTML, and CSS 2.1 content.

It is intended for embedding web-based user interfaces into Java applications, but cannot be used as a general purpose web browser since it does not support HTML.

Thanks to its capability to save rendered XHTML to PDF (using iText), it is often used as a server side library to generate PDF documents. It has extended support for print-related things like pagination and page headers and footers.


Flying Saucer was started in 2004 by Joshua Marinacci,[2] who was later hired by Sun Microsystems. It is still an open-source project unrelated to Sun.

Sun Microsystems once planned to include Flying Saucer in F3,[3] the scripting language based on the Java platform which later became JavaFX Script.


Flying saucer has very good XHTML markup and CSS 2.1 standards compliance, even in complex cases.[4][5][6]

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