Flying Tiger 10 M

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Flying Tiger 10 M
FlyingTiger10 sailemblem.svg
Class symbol
Crew 6–10
Draft 1.00 m / 2.32 m
Hull weight 1985 kg
LOA 9.96 m
LWL 9,24 m
Beam 2.78 m
Mainsail area 37.4 m2
Jib / Genoa area 23.4 m2
Spinnaker area 106.8 m2

The Flying Tiger 10 M (FT10) is a keelboat designed in 2005 by naval architect Robert H. Perry. Built by Bill Stevens at Hansheng Yachts in Xiamen China, and marketed by Hiptrader LLC, the FT10 is intended as an affordable one-design club racer. With its light displacement (4900 lbs), open transom, and bowsprit that supports a large masthead asymmetrical spinnaker it can be classified a sportsboat. In order to allow manufacture in China and global distribution, the boat was designed to fit inside a standard shipping container.

The idea of building an affordable 30 feet sportsboat emerged in 2002 as a heated discussion topic in the on-line forum Sailing Anarchy. A group of avid one-design racers contributed to the definition of the requirements of a low cost 30 feet sportsboat. The group guided Perry through the design of the Anarchy 30 concept boat. Starting from the Anarchy 30 Perry designed the Flying Tiger 10 M during the most part of 2005 in an open forum under the scrutiny and the input of the forum members, in a process that is probably unique in the history of American yacht building.

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