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Flylinkdc main.png
Developer(s)FlylinkDC++ Team
Stable release
r504 / January 20, 2017; 22 months ago (2017-01-20)
Preview release
r5xx beta / February 15, 2017; 21 months ago (2017-02-15)
Written inC++
Operating systemWindows
Available inMulti-language support (currently supports 7 languages, relevance)
TypePeer-to-peer, client Direct Connect
LicenseFreeware GNU GPLv2

FlylinkDC++ is a free and open-source, peer-to-peer file-sharing client that can be used to connect to the Direct Connect network or to the ADC protocol. Is derived from the client DC++ and is based on the source code ApexDC + + 0.4.0 (up to and including the branch r4xx) and StrongDC++ 2.42 (ranging from branch r5xx). Optimized for ADSL and LAN.


The program was originally created on October 16, 2006 with the name DomolinkDC++, but due to a conflict with a registered trademark of Домолинк, the program was renamed.[1] On July 23, 2011 on the official developer blog had its own translation system, but on June 1, 2012 they started using Transifex. This should make the client better known outside of the mostly Russian user base.

Key Features[edit]

Version r4xx[edit]

  • Automatic connection to your favorite hubs at startup.
  • The integrated IP-filter (to avoid downloading from "paid" network – while sitting on the hubs can be locked only as download/upload. In firewall such rules can not be set).
  • Automatically saves a copy of the settings at startup (in case of problems, always will be easy to recover).
  • The program automatically detects the start of Linux under the emulator Wine, and dynamically adjusts its settings to avoid the "Crash"
  • When viewing the file list and finding an existing file, you will be shown his place of storage.
  • Your existing files to a different color tint.
  • Increased performance through optimization of thin and regular audits of code.
  • Ability to select any speed restrictions (speed does not depend on the incoming upstream).
  • Uses a system of "Autoban" to prevent users downloading files that fall under the specified criteria (for example using a fake ball).
  • A new group of search «CD/DVD Image».
  • Application can automatically detect your IP address also using DC-Hub protocol.
  • Built-in function to test the connection setup (port forwarding).
  • Auto-detect the connection type when connecting to a hub.
  • Animated emoticons.
  • Does not distort the transmitted chatting Magnet link smilies.
  • Added output of the country, logo provider and the name of the subnet (support base GeoIP).
  • Derivation of the extended user information.
  • Show rating of downloaded files FlylinkDC++ r321 beta3.
  • The ability to manually specify the identity of the client (for those who forbid the use of FlylinkDC++).
  • Supported languages: English, Russian.
  • Data hash moved to the base SQLite,thereby increased performance and reduced memory consumption.
  • Hash data for large files are stored in the stream NTFS, which increases at the expense of download speed balls.
  • Built-in web server has the maximum functionality of all customers DC++.
  • Support for a chat bot that helps automate the actions recommended flybot.
  • Advanced system to combat spam on the basis of built-in software options, partial or complete shutdown drugs, as well as with an external bot. It is highly recommended flybot.
  • Built-in support for controlling the media player: Winamp, AIMP, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Media Player Classic, JetAudio.
  • Ability to send information about listening track to chat.
  • The list file contains additional information about media files.
  • RSSManager.

Version r5хх[edit]

In addition to the old branch r4xx, introduced new features:

  • Due to the kernel update, the performance has been significantly increased and many different errors have been fixed.
  • Multiple chunks file downloading and DHT support (using this feature, users can share files without hubs) to get a higher download speed
  • Support Internationalized domain names, for example, Cyrillic domain .рф.
  • Automatic application update
  • Supported languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Spanish, French, Portuguese (Brazil).
  • Support of ADC protocol.
  • Support of encrypting traffic using SSL.
  • Direct connection for passive users using technology NAT-T.
  • Application support external resources (icons packs), color scheme changing from application preferences.
  • Localization support. User can easily change language from application preferences.
  • Extra slots by IP. This can be useful for high-speed local networks.
  • DCLST metafiles FlylinkDC++ and support DCLST-metafiles.
  • Preview while downloading.

Additional services[edit]

  • The ability to add your city and your selected hubs to the future build of the client.
  • The ability to create unique assemblies for networks and their regular updating.

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  1. ^ "Revision (218) 2007-01-22 [based on Apex DC++ 0.4.0]". the program changed its name to FlylinkDC

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