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Industry Powersports
Founded 2006
Headquarters Oakland, California, United States
Key people
Leon Li, Daniel Pak
Products Scooters

Flyscooters was an American company that marketed gas-powered motor scooters manufactured in China and Taiwan. The company was founded in 2006 in Florida by scooter enthusiasts Leon Li and Daniel Pak, and ceased operations in 2010. During the operating life of the company, Flyscooters' basic business model was to import low-cost scooters from abroad (mostly China) and distribute them (under the Fly brand name) to a network of retail scooter dealerships across the USA, providing dealers with warranty and spare parts support. Although Chinese-made scooters did not have a very good reputation for quality at the time, by working directly with the manufacturers, Flyscooters improved the quality of their scooters to a level that was at least minimally satisfactory to the American consumer. Flyscooters' main marketing focus was the Internet, although the company did attend many scooter-based events and industry trade shows, and promoted their brand through such PR initiatives as providing scooters to TV shows and celebrities. The severe economic downturn of 2008-2009 slowed sales of scooters to the point where, despite having an established brand name, a loyal dealer network, competitively-low retail prices, and a reputation for providing good product support, the company could no longer stay in operation. Flyscooters closed in late 2010.

Pink 2008 Il Bello


scooter models[edit]

  • El Capitan 250
  • X808 150
  • Seba 150
  • Swift 150
  • Cadenza 150 cc
  • Il Bello 50  & 150 cc
  • La Vie 150 cc
  • Swift 50 cc
  • Rio 50cc & 150cc
  • Trek 50cc & 150cc
  • Pico 50cc
  • E-250 250cc
  • Fly Scout 110cc


  • Scooter Bug trailer
Rachel Ray Show with Renee Zellweger and Harry Connick Jr.



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