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Foailuga is a village on the south-west coast of Savai'i island in Samoa. It is situated in Palauli district.

Foailuga is near the other villages of Foailalo and Satuiatua.[1]

The population is 538 (2006 Census).[2]

Many of the villagers have emigrated overseas, mainly to the United States and New Zealand. Like the rest of Samoa, Foailuga is governed at a local level by chiefs (matai) with support from the women's committee in the village. Life remains relatively traditional with subsistence living from food and crops grown in plantations as well as fishing.

The people of Foailuga are mainly Methodist and Mormon. Sports include volleyball, basketball, and kilikiti, Samoan cricket.


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Coordinates: 13°40′S 172°33′W / 13.667°S 172.550°W / -13.667; -172.550