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Detail of Foamhenge.

Foamhenge is a full-size replica of Stonehenge made entirely out of styrofoam.[1] It was originally located in Natural Bridge, Virginia, but is being relocated to Fairfax County, VA in early 2017.[1][2] The structure was created by Mark Cline of Enchanted Castle Studio[1] in 2004, with the pieces in astronomically correct positions.[3] Cline has described Foamhenge as his greatest achievement.[4]

It has become a tourist attraction, scoring an average 4 out of 5 stars from 221 reviews on TripAdviser as of October 2015.[5] By 2015, the foam structure had deteriorated markedly, to the point where some "stones" had split and were held in place with wooden supports.[6]

Due to Natural Bridge becoming a state park in 2016, Foamhenge has been dismantled and is currently undergoing a transition to Fairfax County, VA.[2] The structure will be relocated to Cox Farms, a family farm near Centreville in Northern Virginia, according to Cline.[2] Cox Farms is a 116-acre family farm and business in Fairfax County, VA, less than an hour drive from Washington DC.

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