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FounderWill Henshall, John Vitale
United States

Focus@Will is a neuroscience based subscription service that uses phase sequenced playlists of instrumental music designed to improve users’ productivity.[1] [2][3][4][5][6]

The company is based out of Los Angeles.[7]


All of the music featured on the service's application is instrumental.[3][8][9][10] Users choose from a number of different channels, including classical, up tempo, focus spa, cinematic, and ambient.[1][8][9][10]

The app allows its users to personalize the effectiveness of the focus enhancement by immediately skipping tracks that they find distracting.[1][6][8] The service also includes a timer function and a productivity tracker.[4][10][11]


The beta version of Focus@Will was released in December 2012.[6][8][9][12][13]

Beginning in April 2013 the company expanded the service to international markets.[4][14] The expanded service incorporated a timer for users to set work session intervals, and a productivity tracking function to measure efficiency and focus.[4][10]

A Focus@will mobile app and freemium service were released in May 2013.[1][3][15][16][17]

The company is backed by the Pritzker Foundation, other private investors and Singularity University.[1][7] As of February 2013, it has raised approximately $3.5 million.[7]

Focus studies[edit]

Research has shown that most people cannot focus for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time.[1][6] Focus@will has claimed its music streaming service can help most users concentrate steadily for up to 100 minutes.[1][6][11]

A team of researchers from UCLA worked with the Focus@will developers to test and refine the playlist sequencing technology.[12] Track duration, tempo, musical key, and intensity were all taken into consideration when selections for the playlists were made.[7][12] The library of music that the Focus@will team has curated is designed to both quiet the fight-or-flight response and soothe the limbic system of the brain, preventing interruptions and distractions.[2][7]

Will Henshall[edit]

Founder and CEO Will Henshall founded Rocket Network and created DigiDelivery, which was sold to Avid Audio in 2003.[1][13]

He is also a professional musician, serving as a member of the UK soul/pop group Londonbeat. Henshall co-wrote the group’s #1 selling songs, “I've Been Thinking About You,” and “Come Back”[1][2][7]


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