Focus Plays Focus

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Focus Plays Focus
(In And Out Of Focus)
Focus Plays Focus.jpg
Studio album by Focus
Released 1970
Recorded Sound Techniques Studios
(London, England)
Genre Progressive rock[1]
Length 33:30
Label Imperial Records
Producer Hubert Terheggen
Focus chronology
Focus Plays Focus
(In And Out Of Focus)

Focus II

Focus Plays Focus (better known as its international title In and Out of Focus) is the first studio album from the Dutch rock band Focus, released in 1970 on Imperial Records. It was the band's only album recorded with the original line-up of Thijs van Leer, Jan Akkerman, Martin Dresden and Hans Cleuver.

Musical style[edit]

AllMusic's Richie Unterberger called the album "a fair collection of progressive rock tunes without a clear focus" and noted prominent influences from folk rock, blues, and classical music, as well as "occasional jazzy shadings".[2]

Track listing[edit]

Dutch vinyl release[edit]

Track listing of the original Dutch vinyl release of 1970:[3]

Side one
1."Focus (Instrumental)"Thijs van Leer9:45
2."Why Dream"van Leer, Hans Cleuver3:57
3."Happy Nightmare"van Leer, Martin Dresden, Mike Hayes3:56
4."Anonymus"van Leer, Jan Akkerman, Dresden7:00
Side two
1."Black Beauty"van Leer, Cleuver3:05
2."Sugar Island"van Leer, Dresden, Staal3:03
3."Focus (Vocal Version)"van Leer, Cleuver2:44
Total length:33:30

Jan Akkerman's "House of the King" (2:20) was originally a Dutch single release, but was added and inserted as track no 2 on the UK album version "In and Out of Focus".

CD release, 1988[edit]

CD track listing according to Discogs. [4]

1."Focus (Vocal Version)"van Leer, Cleuver2:43
2."Black Beauty"van Leer, Cleuver3:09
3."Sugar Island"van Leer, Dresden, Staal3:05
4."Anonymus"van Leer, Jan Akkerman, Dresden6:43
5."House of the King"Akkerman2:51
6."Happy Nightmare"van Leer, Martin Dresden, Mike Hayes3:59
7."Why Dream"van Leer, Hans Cleuver3:54
8."Focus (Instrumental)"Thijs van Leer9:39
Total length:36:08


Additional personnel
  • Hubert Terheggen – production
  • Jerry Boys – engineering


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