Fognam Chalk Quarry

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Fognam Chalk Quarry is a designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) to the west of Upper Lambourn in Berkshire.[1] It is located within the North Wessex Downs.[2]


The site is 2.98 hectares in size.[3]

The Chalk Rock was deposited about 80-90 Million years ago, the quarry marks the junction between the Middle and Upper Chalk. The formation can be traced from Hertfordshire to Dorset, but the chalk of Berkshire is only about half the thickness seen in other locations as it is thought that it was deposited over an area of relatively higher ground (the Berkshire-Chiltern Shelf, part of the London Platform) and therefore in shallower seas. This makes correlation with other formations difficult, due to the absence of certain marker beds, although dating from fossils in the quarry, particularly Middle and Upper Turonian ammonites associated with inoceramid bivalve assemblages has been attempted.[4][5]


The chalk from this quarry was used locally to build houses.[2]

In 1981 the site was designated a site of special scientific interest (SSSI).[5]


The site has the following Fauna:[6]




The site has the following Flora:[6]


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