Fogo Natural Park

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Fogo Natural Park
Fogo National Park
Cape Verde isle of Fogo Park panel.jpg
Welcome sign into the Natural Park in Portuguese
Area around 67 km²

Parque Natural do Fogo (Fogo Natural Park), on the island of Fogo, is one of nine "natural parks" in the country of Cape Verde, which may or may not be the equivalent of national parks in other countries.[1] The area is 67 km², about the quarter of the island and includes several geographic features including Pico do Fogo and its crater rim of Bordeira and areas mainly 1,000 meters above sea level, the area of Chã das Caldeiras and now the villages (areas once a built-up area), Pico de Caldera, Ilhéu de Losna and Monte Velha. Most of the park is in Santa Catarina do Fogo, the northeastern part is in the municipality of Mosteiros. The western park boundary is overlaid with the Santa Catarina do Fogo-São Filipe municipal boundary. The area includes the Fogo Volcanic Important Bird Area.

The natural park was made as a cooperative effort between the German and Cape Verdean governments.

Numerous plants even those that are endemic including Echium vulcanorum and fauna are found in the national park.


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Coordinates: 14°57′29″N 24°21′53″W / 14.958074°N 24.364656°W / 14.958074; -24.364656