Fogo Seamounts

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Fogo Seamounts
Location North Atlantic Ocean, 500 km (311 mi) southeast of Newfoundland
Country Canada
Age of rock Cretaceous
Last eruption Early Cretaceous

The Fogo Seamounts, also called the Fogo Seamount chain, are a group of seamounts located about 500 km (311 mi) offshore of Newfoundland and southwest of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland. They consist of basaltic submarine volcanoes that formed during the Early Cretaceous period.[1]

The volcanic activity that formed the Fogo Seamounts could have originated in two ways. They may have formed as a result of magma rising along a linear fault zone or from the North American Plate passing over the Canary or Azores hotspots.[1]


The Fogo Seamounts include:

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Coordinates: 41°45′47.4″N 52°16′51.6″W / 41.763167°N 52.281000°W / 41.763167; -52.281000