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Foinaven - Ganu Mòr
Scottish Gaelic: Foinne BheinnGanu Mòr
Foinaven from Achriesgill.jpg
Foinaven seen from Achriesgill on Loch Inchard
Highest point
Elevation911 m (2,989 ft) [1]
Prominence690 m (2,260 ft)
Parent peakBen Klibreck
ListingMarilyn, Corbett
English translationWhite hill Big wedge
Language of nameGaelic
PronunciationEnglish: /ˈfɔɪnəvən/
Scottish Gaelic: [ˈfɤɲəveɲ][ˈkanu ˈmoːɾ]
LocationSutherland, Scotland
OS gridNC315507
Topo mapOS Landranger 9

Foinaven (Scottish Gaelic: Foinne Bheinn) is a mountain in Scotland, situated in the far north-west corner of the Scottish Highlands. Like many of the monolithic mountains that surround it, the mountain is within the Moine Thrust Belt and is made up of imbricated layers of Cambrian quartzite which overlie the older Lewisian gneiss basement. The quartzite, being tougher, stood firm when all the surrounding rock was eroded away, leaving the huge mountain isolated. Its highest point is named Ganu Mòr. Foinaven's smaller neighbour is Arkle. Foinaven was formerly thought, by some, to qualify as a Munro, but an accurate survey in 2007 confirmed that it falls twelve feet short of the required 3,000 ft [1]


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Coordinates: 58°24′44″N 4°53′10″W / 58.41210°N 4.88603°W / 58.41210; -4.88603