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Folan (Irish: Ó Cualáin or Ó Culáin), is an Irish family name. They were a Brehon family in County Galway. The Folan family are of Conmhaícne origin.


The surname Folan is most numerous in County Galway, particularly in the area between Galway City and Clifden, in Connacht, Ireland.[1] In the Irish-speaking Gaeltacht of Galway the Irish language Gaelic spelling Ó Cualáin is frequently used.


16th Century Brehon Family[edit]

There was a Brehon family called O'Folan in County Galway in the sixteenth century.[2]

  • Servreagh O'Folan, Gentleman, signed a fiant in 1585, called "Indentures of Composition, The Country of the O'Flaherty's of Eyre Connacht, A.D. 1585", which listed him as a landowner in Moyrus in the Barony of Ballynahinch, County Galway.[3]
  • Nehemias Folan of the Newtone, Gentleman, was listed as a landowner in Loughrea, County Galway, in a fiant dated 1585. In a fiant dated 1594 he is described in Latin as "in Christo Nehemian Ffolan, generosum, meum attornatum".[3] In a 1615 trial concerning Sir Roger O'Shaughnessy in Loughrea, he was noted as "Nehemias Folan, of Balladowgan, County Galway, Esquire, 60 years old".[4]
  • Soyrbrehagh Og Folan, in an indenture dated May 1606, is described as "Soyrbrehagh Og Folan of Ierconnaght in the Co. of Galway, atornie for seisin".[5][6]
  • Feargananim Folan, in a deed for the O'Flahertys in 1614, entitled "Donogh McMoyler et al., is dede A.D. 1614", is described as "our true and lawfull attorney", and signs as Forinan Folan.[3]

Lands confiscated in 1651[edit]

Several O'Folans are mentioned in Elizabethan era fiants as being pardoned for rebel activities.

  • In fiants dated 1590, "Sirwrehagh Folain,of Moiris, Gentleman, Nehemiah Folain of Moyris, Boetius Folain, Mackragh Folain, Fernand Folain and Connor McSerally of Moyris", and "Nehenas Folone of Newtown, Co Galway", were all given Royal Pardons.[7]
  • Salamon Folan took part in the Irish Rebellion of 1641, and was one of the group of men led by Colonel Edmond O'Flaherty at the siege of Tromroe Castle in County Clare.[8]
  • Ferdinando Follin, (Feargananim Folan), of Moyrus, Carna, County Galway, was registered as owner of lands consisting of 3,678 acres (14.88 km2), and 193 acres (0.78 km2). Following the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland in 1651, his lands were confiscated.[9]

People with the surname[edit]

Contemporary people with the surname[edit]

People with the surname in military history[edit]

Many Folans served in the Connaught Rangers Regiment of the British Army.

Other people with the surname in history[edit]

  • Dermot Folan was vicar of Moycullen and Kilcummin in 1628.[32]
  • Thomas Folan was the Prior of the Dominican Convent in Galway from 1865 to 1873, and was also King of the Claddagh up to his death in 1874.[33]


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