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Folar de Chaves (grande plano).jpg
Folar de Chaves
Place of originPortugal

Folar is a traditional Portuguese bread served at Easter. The recipe varies from region to region and it may be sweet or salty.

It is traditional to offer folar to godfathers and priests at Easter, in imitation of the distribution of bread at the Last Supper. Folar is sometimes served with a boiled egg, that symbolically represents rebirth and the Resurrection.

Folar de Chaves, popular in the north-eastern Portuguese regions of Chaves and Valpaços, is stuffed with pork, ham, salpicão and linguiça.

There are also sweet folars like the folar from Olhão, that consists of seven layers with melted sugar and cinnamon, and the more common folar with anise and cinnamon.

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