Folda, Nord-Trøndelag

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This article is about Folda in Nord-Trøndelag. For other uses, see Folda.
Folda is located in Nord-Trøndelag
Location in Nord-Trøndelag

Folda or Folla is a firth and a fjord in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway, within the municipalities of Flatanger, Namsos, Fosnes, and Nærøy. The large wide firth is about 50 kilometres (31 mi) long which then narrows into a fjord which is about 75 kilometres (47 mi) long. The narrower fjord part of Folda is often called the Foldfjorden or Innerfolda. Most of the fjord is very narrow, some places with steep cliffs. It has the largest length to width factor among Norway's fjords. The fjord is crossed by the Norwegian National Road 17 road using the Folda Bridge at Foldereid. Spruce forests cover most areas around the fjord. The outer-Folda area is notorious for its rough seas, and has been called an "ocean graveyard" (Norwegian: havets kirkegård).[1]


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