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Foldex Cat
Cachorro de Gato FoldEx ("Belisario del Laberinto").JPG
Foldex kitten with a blue spotted tabby coat
Common nicknamesExotic Fold
Foundation bloodstockExotic Shorthair, Scottish Fold
Domestic cat (Felis catus)

The Foldex cat, also known as the Exotic Fold,[1] is a rare breed of cat developed in the Canadian province of Quebec. Currently, the breed is recognized by only one cat registry, the Canadian Cat Association.[2] Foldexes are medium-sized cats with a rounded face, short legs, and folded ears. The latter are the defining feature of the breed. Their eyes are well-rounded and wide open, with pair of ears with small and smooth-edged tips. They are sweet with charming personalities, and are active and cheerful cats who enjoy being petted.[3] They were first registered as New Breed by the Canadian Cat Association in 2006 and then finally granted the Championship status in 2010.


The Foldex was developed in the province of Quebec, Canada, in 1993 when Betty-Ann Yaxley exhibited them in a Show Hall. The new breed receives popularity among the public that some are interested in working with that breed. Jeanne Barrette was a huge fan of the Foldex that she became a breeder, dedicating to working with Foldex breed. Her contribution caused the Canadian Cat Association to grant Foldex as an Experimental breed in November 1998. Eventually, it was officially

accepted as a New Breed in August 2006.[4] It was originally produced by crossbreeding a Scottish Fold with an Exotic Shorthair, resulting in a cat with a moderate fold to its ears.[2]

Physical Characteristics[edit]

The Foldex are known for their signature folded tiny ears with round tips. However, only half of them inherit folded ears gene, known as Folded. Those with non-folded ears are referred to as Straights[5] which their ears will grow straight in their adult stage like other cat breeds. Folded kittens' ears started to show visible fold when they will be 21 to 28 days old. The Foldex's body stature is medium-built with strong muscles, with short legs and neck. Their ears may resemble of Scottish Fold breed, but they only have one crease which fold forward and downwards while Scottish Fold breed have multiple creases that their ears lay flat. Their coats vary from long to short hair, and are naturally dense and soft with variety of color and patterns.[3] The Foldex breed have round face with wide open eyes and prominent nose break between their eyes.[6] Their nose is longer than an Exotic Shorthair, but shorter than Scottish Fold.[7]


Foldexes have the affectionate personality without being demanding which makes them a great companion. They are very loyal to their owners and enjoy petting and cuddling sessions. This charming breed are considered to be great lap cats. Providing them regular physical affection will keep them satisfied. Foldexes have the high curiosity drive to explore around the house. They are anything but shy that they have confidence to approach strangers without hesitation. Their easy-going nature makes them a family-friendly breed since they get along with children and other pets.[8] Foldexes are also a great choice for potentiate owners who lives in apartment as they are not vocal breed. With their sweet-personality and quiet demeanor, Foldexes are also intelligent breed that likes to play with toys and puzzles.[6][9]


Even though it is an overall healthy breed, their genes have a risk of feline polycystic kidney disease (PKD). They may develop cyst on their kidneys at an older stage. It is important for older Foldex cats to get pre-screened for developing PKD.[10] Foldexis don't inherit prominent genetic diseases but can be genetically predisposed to following health conditions with Scottish Fold: congenital osteodystrophy, bone abnormalities, and respiratory challenges.[6] Regular vet visits with wellness exams will keep this breed healthy. Foldex's lifespan is twelve to fifteen years.[6]


Just like any other cats, Foldex requires the usual claw trimming and teeth cleaning routines. It is recommended for short-haired Foldex to have weekly brushing to distribute skin oils and remove dead skin. Occasional bath is recommended.[7] Long-haired Foldex cats would need more frequent grooming as their coat can get tangled easily with being more prone to matting and hairballs. [11] They need tight eating schedules compare to average breeds as they are more prone to obesity. Two portions of dry food with one portion of wet food per day is recommended to prevent them from obesity. This total ratio is divided in two meals where one is given in morning and another in evening.[6] Provide this breed lots of space for them to explore around the house which would provide them daily exercise. It would be ideal to provide them some outdoor spaces as well.[12] Foldex breed has high mental stimulation that they need to keep their minds exercised along with body. Cat puzzles and toys are the great ways to intellectually engage with them.[6]


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