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Foldex kitten (Blue Spotted Tabby).

Foldex cat, also known as the Exotic Fold[1] is a type of cat developed in the Canadian province of Quebec. The physical features of Foldex are a medium-sized cat, rounded face, short legs, and folded ears. The latter are the defining feature of the Foldex. Their eyes are well-rounded and wide open, with pair of ears with small and smooth-edged tips. The coat is varied from long to short hair coat, and naturally dense and soft. They are sweet with charming personalities, active and cheerful cat, which enjoyed being petted.[2]


The Foldex developed in the province of Quebec, Canada. It was originally produced by crossbreeding a Scottish Fold with an Exotic Shorthair, resulting in a cat with a temperate fold to its ears.[3]


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