Foley, Welch and Stewart

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Foley Welch and Stewart Cache in 1913

Foley, Welch and Stewart was an early 20th-century American-Canadian railroad contracting company.

They built miles of track for the Great Northern Railway, Northern Pacific Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railway, Canadian Northern Railway, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and Pacific Great Eastern Railway. The names in the partnership are commemorated in summit of the Cheam Range near Chillwack - Foley, Welch and Stewart Peaks.

The company later came to be involved in the forest industry and was renamed Bloedel, Stewart and Welch. The company had large operations in the Powell River area of British Columbia. The company later merged with the H. R. MacMillan company, taking on the name MacMillan Bloedel Limited. MacMillan Bloedel became Canada's largest forest company until it was acquired by Weyerhaeuser.