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FounderJacques-Rémy Girerd [fr]
HeadquartersBourg-lès-Valence, Drôme, France

Folimage is a French animation studio, based in Bourg-lès-Valence, Drôme, France. It was founded in 1981 by Jacques-Rémy Girerd.[1] The studio produces animation films for cinema and TV (short films, TV specials and series, feature films). In 1999, the company founded an animation school, La Poudrière, also in Valence.[2] In 2009, Folimage and La Poudrière moved to La Cartoucherie, a former munitions factory in Bourg-lès-Valence.[1]


Folimage headquarters at La Cartoucherie, Bourg-lès-Valence[1]

Short length[edit]

  • L'Eléphant et la baleine (The Elephant and the Whale, 1986), directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • Le Petit cirque de toutes les couleurs (The Little Circus and Other Tales, 1986), directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • Sculpture, sculptures (1988), directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli
  • Amerlock (1988), directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • Nos adieux au music-hall (Farewell Musical, 1989), directed by Laurent Pouvaret
  • Le Wall (The Wall, 1992), directed by Jean-Loup Felicioli
  • Histoire extraordinaire de Mme Veuve Kecskemet (Extraordinary story of Madame Veuve Kecskemet, 1994), directed by Bela Weisz
  • Une Bonne journée (A Pleasant Day, 1994), directed by Matthias Bruhn
  • Le Moine et le poisson (The Monk and the Fish, 1994), directed by Michaël Dudok de Wit.[3]
  • L'Abri (The Shelter, 1995), directed by Arnaud Pendrié
  • Paroles en L'air (Winged Words, 1995), directed by Sylvain Vincendeau
  • Le Grande Migration (The Great Migration, 1995), directed by Youri Tcherenkov
  • Na kraju zemli (Au bout du monde in French, At the Ends of the Earth, 1999), directed by Konstantin Bronzit[4]
  • Histoire Tragique avec fin heureuse (Tragic Story with Happy Ending, 2005) directed by Regina Pessoa
  • Les Conquérants (The Conquerors, 2011) directed by Tibor Bánóczki and Sarolta Szabó aka Domestic Infelicity

Medium length (TV Specials, 26')[edit]

  • L'Enfant au grelot (Charlie's Christmas, 1998) directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd.[5]
  • Patate et le jardin potager (Spud and the vegetable garden, 2000) directed by Damien Louche-Pelissier and Benoit Chieux
  • L'Hiver de Léon (Leon in Wintertime, 2008) directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon and Pascal Le Nôtre
  • Le Printemps de Mélie (Molly in Springtime, 2009) directed by Pierre-Luc Granjon

TV series[edit]

  • Ariol: 78 episodes, directed by Emilie Sengelin and Amandine Fredon. Broadcasting on TF1 (French channel) in 2009/2010.
  • Hilltop Hospital: 5 seasons of 10 episodes, directed by Pascal Le Nôtre
  • My Little Planet: 2 seasons of 13 épisodes, directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • Tidbits for Toddlers: 40 episodes, directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • The Joy of Life: 20 episodes, directed by Jacques-Rémy Girerd
  • My Donkey: 30 traditional French folksongs, directed by Pascal Le Nôtre
  • Michel

Full length[edit]


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