Folio (typeface)

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Designer(s)Konrad Friedrich Bauer
Walter Baum
FoundryBauer Type Foundry
Date released1957
Comparison of distinguishing characters in Akzidenz-Grotesk, Folio, Helvetica, and Univers 55.

Folio is a sans-serif typeface in the neo-grotesque style designed by Konrad Friedrich Bauer and Walter Baum in 1957 for the Bauer Type Foundry (German: Bauersche Gießerei).[1] Bauer licensed the design to Fonderie Typographique Française for sale in France under the name Caravelle.[2]

Folio is considered part of the International Typographic Style, with Helvetica and Univers also released at the same time. All three are modeled after Akzidenz-Grotesk.[3] However, Folio more closely follows the original model than the other two,[3] which have larger x-heights.[1] The typeface experienced moderate success in the United States.[3] The typeface family was extended in 1963, adding an Extra Bold weight and a Bold Condensed width.[3] Bauer released 17 styles of Folio between 1956 and 1969.[2]

Folio Extended (Folio Halbfett) included alternate versions of upper case A, E, M, N, and R.

The cold type version was issued by Hell AG.[3]


Lowe's uses various weights of Folio on all in-store signage.

Little Caesars also uses various weights for some restaurant signage.

Universal Studios used Folio Bold Extended for TV-show covers from the 60's and 70's.

Tempe, Arizona uses Folio Medium under their seal in street signs.

English singer-songwriter Mabel has used Folio Extra Bold Italic for her album covers since the release of the single "One Shot".

The New Art Dealers Alliance uses Folio medium.[4] Identity designed by Geoff Han and Francesca Grassi.

Musicians Stan Getz and João Gilberto used Folio Extra Bold on the cover of their 1964 album Getz/Gilberto.

Since 2020, singer-songwriter Lady GaGa uses Folio Regular on her website.[5]

The current Universal Television logo uses this font in both Light and Bold.


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