Folk of the 80's

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Folk of the 80's
Folk of the 80's EP.jpg
EP by Men Without Hats
Released 1980
Recorded 1980
Genre Synthpop
Length 15:19
Label Trend
Producer Marc Durand
Men Without Hats chronology
Folk of the 80's
Rhythm of Youth
(1982)Rhythm of Youth1982
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 starsFolk of the 80's at AllMusic

Folk of the 80's is an EP released by Canadian synthpop group Men Without Hats. Recorded in the summer of 1980 at Studio A in Montreal, Canada and released later that year, it was their first release.

The song "Antarctica" is featured here in its original length with an extra instrumental break and verse that does not appear in the edit used on the album Rhythm of Youth and future compilation albums. The song "Modern(e) Dancing" proved to be a minor club hit in the local Montreal alternative club scene at the time of the initial release of the EP.

The original 1984 UK CD release of Rhythm of Youth contained this EP and the extended club remix of "The Safety Dance" as bonus tracks, however the version of "Antarctica" used there was edited.

All four songs on the record later appeared on the band's Freeways EP in 1985. In 2014, the album was reissued as a digital download, however it used the single version of "Antarctica".[1]

This EP is not to be confused with Folk of the 80's (Part III), the band's second studio album.

Music videos were filmed for "Antarctica" and "Security". The former features Ivan and Arrobas playing the song against a white background, with Ivan on bass and Arrobas on synths.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Modern(e) Dancing" 4:16
2. "Utter Space" 2:47
3. "Antarctica" 4:33
4. "Security (Everybody Feels Better With)" 4:00



Although Tracy Howe is credited with playing guitar on some pressings, this was a printing error. Original pressings did not contain this error. Howe was a member in 1980, but not until after Folk of the 80's was recorded. He played guitar on the song "Freeways", recorded in late 1980, however, so he appears on both the Freeways EP (1985) and earlier releases of that song (1982–1984).