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Samfundet Folhälsan
Founded 1921
Focus Public health
Area served
Swedish-speaking Finland

Samfundet Folkhälsan, or in short Folkhälsan (literally "Public Health"), is a non-governmental organization based in Finland. It is active in advocating social welfare and health care for the Swedish speakers of Finland. The organization carries out scientific research and informs and counsels in order to promote health and good quality of life. The organization also runs a multicultural international children's home in Oulunkylä and is organizing the annual national Saint Lucy's Day celebrations in Finland.

The organization was founded in 1921 by Ossian Schauman and a number of other doctors who wanted to reduce child mortality and cases of tuberculosis in Finland. The NGO was combining practical work with research already from the very start.

About 100 researchers do research into inheritable diseases and illnesses attributed to lifestyles. A further 1,500 persons work for, and some 16,500 persons pay membership to the organization.

Folkhälsan funds its activities by selling its services to the municipalities. Certain municipalities, like the town of Karis, have allocated its entire health care to Folkhälsan. The NGO has also activities within child care and the care of the elderly. Further sources of income are private donations and funding from the Finnish Slot Machine Association (RAY).

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