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Folks-Sztyme (Yiddish: פֿאָלקס שטימע‎, 'People's Voice') was a Jewish Polish magazine in Polish and Yiddish in Communist Poland. There was already an homonymous newspaper in Łódź in 1939.

According to Henri Minczeles, the paper began to be published in 1946, from Łódź,[1] but it moved to Warsaw after a few years. In 1953, the American Jewish Yearbook noted that "The only newspaper was the Communist Folks-Sztyme. It appeared four days a week and had an illustrated weekly supplement. Yiddishe Szriften, a monthly devoted to literature and art, continued to appear under the sponsorship of the Social and Cultural Union."[2]

From 1956 onwards, it was published by the official Jewish association formed by the Communist authorities, the Sociocultural Society of Jews in Poland (SCSJP, Polish: Towarzystwo Społeczno-Kulturalne Żydów w Polsce, TSKŻ).[3]

The editor from 1950 to 1968 was Hersh (Gregory) Smolar, and after 1968 successively Samuel Tenenblatt and Adam Kwaterko.

Due to the declining number of Jews in Poland, the number of his readers constantly decreased and it became a weekly in 1968. Since 1991, it has been replaced by the bi-weekly Słowo Żydowskie - Dos Jidisze Wort (The Jewish Word).


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