Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square

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Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square
JBaez HarvardSquare.jpg
Studio album by
Joan Baez, Bill Wood, Ted Alevizos
RecordedBoston, May 1959
ProducerLemuel Marshall Wells
Joan Baez chronology
Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square
Joan Baez

Folksingers 'Round Harvard Square is the first album featuring Joan Baez. The album was recorded by Stephen Fassett in Boston, May 1959 with Joan Baez, Bill Wood[1] and Ted Alevizos. Only six of the eighteen tracks on this album were solos by Baez. In 1963, an unauthorized reissue of the album was released on Squire Records as The Best of Joan Baez[2](minus the four tracks that did not contain Baez' vocals), but was withdrawn after Baez took legal action against it (by which time the album had already made the top-fifty on the U.S. albums charts).

Harvard Square is a place in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Banks of the Ohio (Joan Baez)
  2. O What a Beautiful City (Joan Baez)
  3. Sail Away Ladies (Joan Baez)
  4. Black Is the Color (Joan Baez)
  5. Lowlands (Joan Baez)
  6. What You Gonna Call Your Pretty Little Baby (Joan Baez)
  7. Kitty (duet Joan Baez/Bill Wood)
  8. So Soon in the Morning (duet Joan Baez/Bill Wood)
  9. Careless Love (duet Joan Baez/Bill Wood)
  10. Le Cheval Dans La Baignoire (The Horse in the Bathtub) (Bill Wood)
  11. John Henry (Bill Wood)
  12. Travelin' Shoes (Bill Wood)
  13. Bold Soldier (Bill Wood)
  14. Walie Walie (Ted Alevizos)
  15. Rejected Lover (Ted Alevizos)
  16. Astrapsen (The Sun Is Risen) (Ted Alevizos)
  17. Lass from the Low Country (Ted Alevizos)
  18. Don't Weep After Me (trio Joan Baez, Bill Wood, Ted Alevizos)


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