Folliculitis decalvans

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Folliculitis decalvans
Classification and external resources
Specialty dermatology
ICD-10 L66.2 (ILDS L66.200)
ICD-9-CM 704.09
DiseasesDB 33787

Folliculitis decalvans is an inflammatory alopecia that leads to bogginess or induration of involved parts of the scalp along with pustules, erosions, crusts, and scale.[1]:649[2]:760-1 It begins at a central point and spreads outward, leaving scarring, sores, and hair loss in its wake.[3] No permanent cure has been found for this condition. But there is promise in a regimen of dual therapy with Rifampin 300 mg twice daily and Clindamycin 300 mg twice daily. This new treatment can be used to control the condition, and tests have indicated that after 3 to 5 months long uninterrupted courses of treatment, many patients have seen limited to no recurrence.[4]

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