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For the fanzine, see Follow Follow (fanzine).

"Follow Follow" is a song sung by supporters of Rangers F.C., a football club in Glasgow, Scotland. It is based upon the revivalist hymn "Follow On".[1]

Club usage[edit]

The song has been adopted by Rangers as their club anthem.[2] In 2007 Rangers used the song as an inspiration for the title of their initiative against unacceptable behaviour at football matches, Follow With Pride,[3] to replace their Pride Over Prejudice campaign.[4] There is also a Rangers fanzine named after the song. It is also called Follow Follow and has been banned from being sold outside Ibrox Stadium due to having printed articles with a sectarian related content.[5]


The song has gathered an amount of controversy after some fans started to sing alternative lyrics about the Pope and the Vatican City that are considered sectarian.[6]

In 1999 Rangers' vice-chairman Donald Findlay had to stand down from his position and resign from the club's board after being filmed singing "Follow Follow" (with these alternative lyrics) and "The Sash".[7] The Faculty of Advocates (the professional body to which Findlay belonged) found his actions were "likely to bring the faculty into disrepute" and fined him £3,500.[8]

In 2009, Linda Gillies was investigated by police after West Lothian Council received a complaint after her parrot was heard whistling "Follow Follow", to the chagrin of some of her neighbours.[9] The complaint was eventually dismissed by the council and no charges were brought against Gillies.[10]


The lyrics are:

Though the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will,
Follow we will, follow we will,
If the straits be broad or narrow, follow we will,
We will follow in the footsteps of our team. [God bless them]
Follow follow, we will follow Rangers,
Everywhere, anywhere,
We will follow on,
Dundee, Hamilton, Aberdeen and back again
If they go to Dublin we will follow on.
For there's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers,
No not one, and there never shall be one,
Celtic know all about their troubles,
We will fight till the day is done.
For there's not a team like the Glasgow Rangers,
No not one, and there never shall be one!


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