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Follow Follow
Editor Mark Dingwall
Categories Fanzine, sports magazine
Country Scotland

Follow Follow is a fanzine devoted to Rangers F.C. It is edited by Mark Dingwall. The name comes from the Rangers fans' song of the same name.

History and content[edit]

Rangers banned the fanzine from its stadium in 2002 . The club stated "Due to the elements within Follow Follow, Rangers Football Club do not wish to be associated with it."

The publication claimed in response that "Martin Bain (then Rangers' commercial director) offered us a seat in the press box if we signed the Follow Follow website and magazine over to him, giving the club editorial and advertising control. It’s never been about sectarianism, it’s about money and control ... He will ban us for daring to answer the club’s sectarian critics, but he won’t ban those in the press who accuse him and his fellow directors of sectarianism."

In July 2006 Dingwall, representing the fanzine and the Rangers Supporters Trust, was part of a delegation of fans' groups that initiated a meeting with the club to discuss what the fans could do collectively to assist the club in silencing sectarian fans within the Rangers support. Those groups and Rangers issued a joint statement following that meeting, committing “to work together to stamp out the minority who are damaging the reputations of all those connected with Rangers Football Club....of Scottish football and our society in general.” Rangers then Chairman, David Murray, commented “These supporters groups represented should be applauded for coming forward in recognition of the importance of this issue."[1]


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