Following Sean

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Following Sean
Directed by Ralph Arlyck
Produced by Ralph Arlyck, Malcolm Pullinger
Written by Ralph Arlyck
Music by Eric Neveux
Edited by Malcolm Pullinger
Language English

Following Sean is a 2005 documentary film directed by Ralph Arlyck, and a follow-up to his 1969 student short Sean, which features four-year-old Sean's thoughts on marijuana, police presence, and freewheeling lifestyles. The film's notoriety landed a screening in the White House and a variety of predictions regarding the outcome of Sean's life - whether he could grow up to embody the hippy philosophy, or whether he would turn out a drug dealer or stock broker.[1]

Following Sean picks up in the mid-1990s and turns Sean's story into a meditation on generational changes and legacies that are handed down as a result of choices made in heated political climates. The film was met with high critical praise, receiving an 86% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes[2] and a 64 on Metacritic.[3]


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