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Folsom Boulevard

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Folsom Boulevard
Maintained byCity of Sacramento Department of Transportation, Caltrans, County of Sacramento Department of Transportation (SACDOT), City of Rancho Cordova Public Works and City of Folsom Public Works
Rancho Cordova
West end38°34′30″N 121°29′16″W / 38.5751°N 121.4878°W / 38.5751; -121.4878
SR 16 in Sacramento
Watt Avenue near Sacramento
CR E2 in Rancho Cordova
US 50 near Folsom
East end38°41′03″N 121°10′45″W / 38.6841°N 121.1792°W / 38.6841; -121.1792

Folsom Boulevard is a major east–west arterial in Sacramento County, California, United States. Its western terminus is at Alhambra Boulevard in the East Sacramento section of Sacramento and its eastern terminus is at Greenback Lane in Folsom.

The actual road, however, runs from the California State Capitol (at 15th Street) in Sacramento to the city of Auburn in Placer County and has various changes of name along the way, which includes Capitol Avenue (old M Street),[1] Folsom-Auburn Road and Auburn-Folsom Road.[2]

For much of the route, it runs nearly parallel with U.S. Route 50 and was that highway's alignment before the freeway was completed in the 1970s.[1][3]

Route description




Folsom Boulevard begins in the East Sacramento neighborhood (in a southeasterly direction) as a two-lane roadway, expanding to four lanes at 59th Street. After passing the intersection of 65th Street, Folsom Boulevard is reduced to two lanes as it runs beneath the Union Pacific railroad tracks via a short subway tunnel. After passing under U.S. Route 50, Folsom Boulevard once again expands to four lanes and remains that way at least for the remainder of the route. Folsom Boulevard intersects Howe Avenue and Power Inn Road, overlapping State Route 16 for roughly 1/2 mile (0.8 km). SR 16 departs Folsom Boulevard for Jackson Road and Folsom Boulevard turns in a northeasterly direction, paralleling the Sacramento Regional Transit light rail tracks of the Gold Line and an old railroad track maintained by Union Pacific. As it reaches Watt Avenue, Folsom Boulevard leaves the city of Sacramento and into the unincorporated suburb communities of La Riviera and Rosemont.[4]

La Riviera/Rosemont/Rancho Cordova


Folsom Boulevard continues its northeasterly direction through La Riviera and Rosemont, passing under US 50 for the second time. As it reaches the intersection of Bradshaw Road, Folsom Boulevard enters the city of Rancho Cordova. It then intersects other major intersections, including Mather Field Road, Coloma Road and Zinfandel Drive. Folsom Boulevard passes under US 50 for the third time, intersecting Sunrise Boulevard (County Route E2). It begins to closely parallel US 50 until it intersects Hazel Avenue, leaving Rancho Cordova en route to the city of Folsom.[4]



As Folsom Boulevard reaches Folsom, it meets up with US 50 for a fourth and final time at an interchange. While US 50 continues east towards South Lake Tahoe, Folsom Boulevard turns north towards historic downtown Folsom. It then crosses the American River, and at the intersection of Greenback Lane, ends and turns into Folsom-Auburn Road.[4]

Landmarks and points of interest


Major cities


Local transportation


The Gold Line of Sacramento Regional Transit's light rail line runs along much of Folsom Boulevard. Several stations are located along the corridor and they include:

University/65th Street and Power Inn are nearby stations that also serve Folsom Boulevard.

RT bus routes 21,[5] 26,[6] 78,[7] and 84[8] operate on portions of Folsom Boulevard.

RT's Elk Grove Transit (formerly e-tran) bus route E19 operates on Folsom Boulevard to provide a connection between the Butterfield station and the city of Elk Grove via Bradshaw Road during peak commuter times.[9]

Folsom Stage Line routes F10 and F30 operate on portions of Folsom Boulevard.[10]

Major intersections


The entire route is in Sacramento County.

Sacramento00.0Capitol AvenueContinuation beyond Alhambra Boulevard; former US 50 / SR 16[11]

SR 16 west (Howe Avenue) to US 50 / Power Inn Road
Western end of SR 16 concurrency
SR 16 east (Jackson Road) / Notre Dame Drive – Jackson
Eastern end of SR 16 concurrency
Rancho Cordova12.219.6
CR E2 (Sunrise Boulevard) to US 50
15.524.9 CR E3 (Hazel Avenue) / Nimbus Road
Folsom16.827.0 US 50 (El Dorado Freeway) – South Lake Tahoe, SacramentoInterchange; US 50 exit 23
19.531.4Sutter Street – Historic DistrictInterchange; eastbound exit only
19.731.7Sutter Street (via Reading Street) – Historic DistrictInterchange; westbound left exit and right entrance
20.232.5Folsom–Auburn RoadContinuation beyond Greenback Lane
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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