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Foltin performing live on Druga Godba Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 31 May 2014
Foltin performing live on Druga Godba Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 31 May 2014
Background information
Origin Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
Genres Electro acoustic, Alternative rock, Funk, Ambient
Years active 1995–present
Website [1]

Foltin (Macedonian: Фолтин) is one of the most important Macedonian bands,[1][2] and has existed since 1995. Foltin's music is hard to define, sounds unpredictable and challenging: surreal, passionate and witty, dynamic and full of surprises, blending many different music genres: Electro acoustic, Alternative rock, Funk, Bossa Nova, Ambient etc. Even though they use standard musical elements, their approach in creating the atmosphere is unpredictable and above all, original. Live performances made Foltin famous, they are often theatrical (cabaret-like) and often turn into real performances. The lyrics of the first three album are an imaginary mixture of phonetic imitations of languages like: Spanish, French, Romanian, and Portuguese. The band took part in many music and theatre festivals in Macedonia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Belgium, England, Lebanon, Turkey, the Netherlands, France etc.[citation needed]

Band members[edit]


  • Outre-Mer (1997)
  • Archimed (2000)
  • Donkey Hot (2003)
  • Lo-Lee-Taa-Too (2005)
  • Ova Transplantirana masina za čukanje dosega ne tipkala ljubovno pismo (2008)
  • Penelope X (2011) - joint project with Goce Stevkovski, Emin Dzijan & Nikola Kodjabashia
  • Antitelo (2012)
  • Pijan slavej (2015)


2013 - Shvejk po Vtorata svetska vojna Rezija : Martin Kochovski

  • 2012 – ODISEJ

Режија: Аleksandar Popovski Ulysses, Brijuni, Hrvatska [2]

  • 2012 – Spring Awekening

Режија: Martin Kochovski Narodno pozorište Užice, Srbija [3] 2011 – Leksikon Yu Mitologije

  • Режија: Oliver Frljic

Neta, Ljubljana

  • 2011 – Baal

Directed by: Martin Kochovski Dramski Teatar-Skopje, Macedonia

  • 2010 – Circus Destetika [4]

Directed by: Aco Popovski HNK Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia

  • 2010 – Caucasian Chalk Circle

Directed by: Martin Kochovski N.Theatre Prilep - Voydan Chernodrinski, Prilep, Macedonia

  • 2010 – Peer Gynt [5]

Directed by: Aco Popovski Gavella - Zagreb, Croatia

  • 2009 – Swan Song

Directed by: Branko Stavrev MNT Dramski – Skopje, Macedonia

  • 2009 – Boat For Doals [6]

Directed by: Aco Popovski SNG Drama, Ljubljana, Slovenia

  • 2009 – The Other Side [7]

Directed by: Martin Kochovski Mal Dramski teatar – Bitola, Macedonia

  • 2008 – Drums in the night

Directed by: Martin Kochovski N.Theatre Prilep - Vojdan Chernodrinski, Prilep, Macedonia

  • 2006 – Davy The Bowie + The Fallen From Mars

Concert-performans Production:Foltin

  • 2002- Family Stories

Told by:Aleksandra Kovachevich National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

  • 2001 - He called!

Concert-performance Independent production

  • 2001 – Le Piaf

Directed by: Natasha Poplavska The National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

  • 2001 – MACEDOINE Odyssey 2001

Directed by: Ivan Popovski The Nacional Theatre Skopje, MOT, The Ohrid Summer, MNT, The National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

  • 2001 – Bakhi

Directed by: Sasho Milenkovski The National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

  • 1999 – Memories

Directed by: Risima Risimkin Interart Centre, Skopje, Macedonia

  • 1999- Macedonian Bloody Wedding

Directed by: Lubisha Georgievski The National Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

  • 1998 - Soulless Neda

Directed by:Yoshiko Chuma(USA) The Ohrid Summer, Macedonia

  • 1998 – Casabalkan

Directed by: Zlatko Slavenski The Nacional Theatre Bitola, Macedonia

Film Music[edit]

  • 2012 – The Balkan is not dead (actors)

Directed by: Aleksandar Popovski Production: Kino Oko [8]

  • 2010 – This Is Not An American Movie

Directed by: Sasho Pavlovski Production: Dejan Iliev [9]

  • 2008 – Cash And Marry [10]

Directed by: Atanas Georgiev Production: Mischief Films, Nukleus, Tris Films and ITVS International

  • 2001 – SE JAVI!

Directed by: Jane Altiparmakov Production: MRTV, Skopje

  • 1998 – BY FOLTIN

Dir. Ljubcho Bilbilovski Production: MRTV, Skopje

  • 2008 – Dance With Me

Directed by: Sasha A. Damjanovski Production: Orev films

  • 2005 – Turkish Tea (documentary)

Directed by: Petra Seliskar Production: “Petra Pan”, Slovenia

  • 2002 - Okno (short)

Directed by: Petra Seliskar


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