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Fome (Los Tres album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Los Tres
Released 1997, Sony Music Columbia
Recorded Bearsville, Woodstock, New York, United States, 1997
Genre Rock en Español
Producer Los Tres, Joe Blaney
Los Tres chronology
La Yein Fonda
(1996)La Yein Fonda1996

Fome (Chilean slang for "boring") is the fourth album from the Chilean rock band Los Tres in 1997. Considered by many critics as their best album, the album is undoubtedly the most diverse group from Concepción, which explores a wealth of musical styles, in what the group termed "a kind of casserole Chilean music, where diversity is given by the number of existing music "

The disc contains a picture corresponding to an advertisement by the encyclopedia Monitor fascicles of Salvat of the 1960s.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Claus"
  2. "Bolsa de Mareo"
  3. "Toco Fondo"
  4. "Olor a Gas"
  5. "De Hacerse Se Va a Hacer"
  6. "Antes"
  7. "Fealdad"
  8. "Jarabe Para la Tos"
  9. "Libreta"
  10. "Me Arrendé"
  11. "Silencio"
  12. "La Torre de Babel"
  13. "Pancho"
  14. "Restorán"
  15. "Largo"


The album's title, "Fome", is the Chilean slang for "aburrido" (boring).