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Coordinates: 42°21′1.1″N 71°3′27.5″W / 42.350306°N 71.057639°W / 42.350306; -71.057639

The Font Bureau
Industry Type foundry
Founded 1989
  • Roger Black (Co-Founder & Consultant)
  • David Berlow (Co-Founder & Designer)
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts

The Font Bureau, Inc. or Font Bureau is a digital type foundry based in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. The foundry is one of the leading designers of typefaces, specializing in type designs for magazine and newspaper publishers.

Font Bureau was founded in 1989 by Roger Black and David Berlow. Before founding Font Bureau, Roger Black was an established publications designer and consultant. David Berlow is a noted type designer.[1] The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Esquire Magazine, Rolling Stone [1] and the Wall Street Journal rank among Font Bureau's client list. [2] Apart from Black and Berlow, other prominent designers at Font Bureau have included Tobias Frere-Jones, later of Hoefler & Frere-Jones, and Cyrus Highsmith. Matthew Carter has been a frequent collaborator with the foundry. [3]

In October 2009, news sources reported that Font Bureau was "suing NBC Universal for at least $2 million over the entertainment company's use of its fonts." [2] Font Bureau claimed NBC broke its license agreement in its use of the fonts Antenna, Bureau Grotesque and Interstate in marketing material.[3]


The following foundry types were issued by Font Foundry:


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