Monte Fontainhas

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Monte Fontainhas
View of the summit with clouds from the north rocky coast.
Highest point
Elevation 976 m (3,202 ft)
Prominence 976 m (3,202 ft)
Listing List of mountains in Cape Verde
Coordinates 14°51′05″N 24°42′17″W / 14.85139°N 24.70472°W / 14.85139; -24.70472Coordinates: 14°51′05″N 24°42′17″W / 14.85139°N 24.70472°W / 14.85139; -24.70472
Monte Fontainhas is located in Cape Verde
Monte Fontainhas
Monte Fontainhas
central Brava
Mountain type Stratovolcano

Monte Fontainhas is a volcanic mountain in the middle of Brava island in Cape Verde. At 976 m elevation, it is the highest point of the island.[1]

The last eruption on Brava was in the Holocene era with an unknown date. No new eruptions occurred on Brava from the mountain.[2]

Seismic activities occurred on the island in 1982, 1990, 1998 and in 2004. These occurred at the Cadamosto seamount 20 km southwest of Brava and southwest of Fogo Island.[3] Rock types are made up of phonolite and ignimbrite.

The mountainous centre of the island is often covered with clouds, which feed numerous springs, as was already observed by the 19th century traveller Armand d'Avezac.[4]

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