Fontana del Nettuno, Piazza del Popolo

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Coordinates: 41°54′38″N 12°28′32″E / 41.910509°N 12.475515°E / 41.910509; 12.475515

Fontana del Nettuno, Piazza del Popolo

The Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune) is a monumental fountain located in the Piazza del Popolo in Rome.[1] It was constructed in the 1822-23 at the terminus of a newly built aqueduct, the Acqua Vergine Nuovo.[2] The fountains in the Piazza del Popolo were the work of Giovanni Ceccarini. The Fontana del Nettuno is located on the west side of the square, and shows Neptune with his Trident, accompanied by two Tritons.


  1. ^ This fountain should not be confused with the Fountain of Neptune in the Piazza Navona.
  2. ^ M.G. Tolomeo, "Le fontane del piazza del Popolo e la mostra del nuovo aquedotto Vergine elevato", Il Trionfo dell'acqua (Rome, 1986:240-43).